Dione Hills

Council member

Dione Hills joined the Tavistock Institute in 1986 after several years as a senior research officer at the Department of Health.

She was involved from the start of the Evaluation Review and Development Unit (EDRU) which Eliot Stern established at the Institute in 1992 to stimulate innovation and development in the field of evaluation and was, with other members of EDRU, a member of UKES from its earliest days. Her evaluation work spans the sectors of health, community development, social care and disability, and more recently, transport. In addition to individual evaluation reports, she has published a number of methodological papers, including a guide to evaluation of community based health interventions (NICE website), a paper on the practical methodological implications of assessing ‘public value’ (the Work Foundation website), and a recent guide to ‘Better attribution in transport impact evaluations’ for the Department of Health. Her current interest is in exploring the potential of theory based evaluation in various sectors, teaching self evaluation skills, and exploring web-based evaluation tools that can facilitate evaluation as a shared and participative activity.