Colin Jacobs

Immediate Past President

His previous career was at the British Council where he headed their governance and civil society function. Colin has published in professional journals, lectured at Manchester University and he is a Fellow of the CIPD. He has been a UKES Council member for 7 years and lead the international development strand; edited the Evaluator; and most recently, organised and led a highly successful workshop on development and evaluation with DFID. He would like to see UKES become a more influential and popular forum for members to access and enjoy cutting edge knowledge. We could be more widely recognised as the gateway to access courses in evaluation, guide commissioning and accreditation. We must aim to increase membership. We can do this by attracting evaluators from other sectors – health, economics, environment, police, etc and running workshops, seminars, master classes and webinars as well as the annual conference. Corporates and foundations are being invited to run themed events and joint publications should be encouraged. Our regional networks can be strengthened by offering speakers and linking them to professionals in other parts of the UK and abroad. As a Council Member Colin wants to involve as many as possible in developing and promoting UKES. He would like all Council members to engage in a concerted effort and enjoy our complementary skills and backgrounds. We can together raise the profile of UKES and make it a “go to” place for existing and new members.